How To Get Your Dog To Leave Items Alone And Stop Stealing

Unless you make it clear to your dog to leave items alone he will think that everything in your home is his and everything he comes across that interests him when he is outside or anywhere else is his for the taking.   Hence, if you are having a problem with your pooch that has a habit of grabbing things that are not his or you don’t want him to have (I.E. picking up garbage on a walk), you need to train him to stop stealing.

Ridding him of this unwanted behavior helps to ensure your stuff doesn’t get destroyed, can deter territorial behavior and keeps your pal safe from chewing/ingesting harmful substances or objects.  How can you have him obey and leave items alone?  It’s actually not a difficult process and you only need a few things for training to be a success:

  • The command “Leave It”
  • A clicker if you use clicker training
  • A few treats Read more