Cocker Spaniels

At a glance
cocker spanielThe term “Cocker Spaniel” refers to two different breeds of dogs that differ only in their place of origin, the American Cocker Spaniel (long coats) and the English Cocker Spaniel (short coats). This breed is only rivaled by Labradors in terms of popularity in the US because of their versatility (good for show and field work) and winning personalities.


  • Names – American, English Cocker Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel, Cocker, Merry Cocker
  • Group – AKC: Sporting Group; KC: Gundogs
  • Size – small
  • Life expectancy – 9 – 15 years; healthy cockers average 13 years.
  • Cost of ownership – medium
  • Ease of ownership – high
  • Aggressive tendency – low
  • Amount of Exercise – medium
  • Amount of Grooming – low for the short coats, high for the long coats
  • Ease of Training – high
  • Obedience level – high
  • Suitable for Children – high
  • Amount of Care Required – medium to high
  • Susceptibility to Health Problems – low

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