Using Socialization To Help Stop Puppy Biting

Socialization is an important feature in any young puppy’s life because it is essential for open-minded young dogs to understand that other dogs do not pose a threat. It also enables them to learn how to play properly without causing harm to other dogs and people alike. It can help to reinforce the message that you have been teaching to stop puppy biting, especially if done within a confined and controlled environment.

To many people, socializing a dog takes place in the local park or on a familiar walk route but if you want to effectively stop puppy biting then it should be introduced in a controlled environment with qualified trainers and experienced dog owners on hand to help keep the atmosphere light and prevent any flash points that may occur. By ensuring that your puppy is well supervised, you can also learn to Read more

Using Toys To Stop Puppy Biting

puppy toysMany owners that have recently begun to train a puppy and have read up on what to do and what not to do may be forgiven for thinking that it is necessary to stop puppy biting completely. After all, there is so much conflicting advice out there that it is difficult not to believe that to stop puppy biting completely is the only way to Read more

Stop Dog Jumping Up On People

You can teach your dog to stop jumping up on people if this is a behavioral problem he has developed.  However, before you begin to rid him of this issue you first need to think about when and how it started.  For instance, did you allow or encourage your puppy to jump up when they greeted you or when you played?  Although you’re intentions might not have been to make your pup think that jumping up is acceptable, this is exactly what has happened.

Knowing why your pooch jumps is the first step because it makes you aware of the roll you’ve played in his development of this behavior.  Your awareness will prevent you from continuing to encourage the action.  The second step is to do something constructive to deter the problem.  This is achieved by making it clear Read more

How To Stop Common Dog Problems

dog barkingIf you are experiencing problems with your pet you probably want stop common dog problems.  Canine behavioral issues, such as aggression, excessive barking, biting, chewing, jumping up, etc., can be very annoying, destructive and even dangerous.  These bad habits can create a very unpleasant pooch that is disliked by your visitors and neighbors and can make your home life a misery.

The best way to stop common dog problems is to prevent Read more

Get Your Dog To Stay Off Furniture, Counters, Etc

Do you want your dog to stay off furniture, stay off counters, your bed or other items in your home?  If so, you’ll be pleased to know that this is something you can accomplish.  However, since your pooch has already become accustomed to this habit, it will take time, patience and constant observation to achieve your goal.  Furthermore, when teaching your pet that you don’t want him on certain objects you need to know that there is a difference between down and off commands.

To teach a pooch what is acceptable behavior and stay off furniture, you need to realize that “Down” and “Off” are not the same and cannot nor should not be used interchangeablyRead more

How To Get Your Dog To Leave Items Alone And Stop Stealing

Unless you make it clear to your dog to leave items alone he will think that everything in your home is his and everything he comes across that interests him when he is outside or anywhere else is his for the taking.   Hence, if you are having a problem with your pooch that has a habit of grabbing things that are not his or you don’t want him to have (I.E. picking up garbage on a walk), you need to train him to stop stealing.

Ridding him of this unwanted behavior helps to ensure your stuff doesn’t get destroyed, can deter territorial behavior and keeps your pal safe from chewing/ingesting harmful substances or objects.  How can you have him obey and leave items alone?  It’s actually not a difficult process and you only need a few things for training to be a success:

  • The command “Leave It”
  • A clicker if you use clicker training
  • A few treats Read more

How To Stop Dog Pulling On A Leash

If you want your dog to stop pulling on a leash because it is causing you grief, such as you’re hurting your arm/hand, he’s jumping up on people, rushing toward other dogs, etc. you can train him to stop hauling you forward using a few simple techniques.

Step 1 – Don’t continue walking if the lead is tight.  When you are walking your pooch immediately stop when he is about to apply any tension to the lead.  Halt completely in your tracks and stand your ground.  Read more

Stop Puppy Biting

playbiteYou’ll want to stop puppy biting as soon as it starts to prevent your dog from thinking this type of behavior is acceptable.  It is natural for puppies to freely and frequently use their mouths on anything and everyone they come in contact with.  This is because it is through their taste and their teeth they learn and experience.  Biting is also how they communicate, play and test their fellow litter mates.  However, even if this is part of their instincts, that doesn’t mean you should allow it.

You can stop puppy biting by putting one or more of the following techniques into practice.

Yelp – As soon as your puppy’s teeth come in contact with your skin give a sharp, high-pitched cry of pain and quickly snatch your hand away.  Read more

How To Stop Dog Aggression And Regain Control

If you need to know how to stop dog aggression the chances are your pet has begun exhibiting aggressive behaviors or he is already spiraling out of your control.  Aggressiveness in dogs is very serious and action should immediately be taken to help rectify the problem.

The first step to learning how to stop dog aggression is to take your pet to the veterinarian.  A sudden change in behavior, such as growling, snapping or biting, could actually be a sign Read more

How To Stop Barking Dogs

Teaching a dog how to stop barking is something that many owners want to achieve.  A pooch that is consistently making noise can be very annoying to you, your family members, your guests and your neighbors.   Therefore, it is something you need to have control over.

However, before you learn how to stop barking dogs, you need to first understand why your pet is making a racket. There are a number of reasons why canines bark, and believe it or not, very rarely is the reason just to frustrate you.  Usually your pet is attempting to communicate something, such as he…

  • Hears or sees something out of the ordinary – alerting you to unusual sounds or sights.
  • Is afraid – reacting in defense
  • Is bored – Attempting to amuse himself Read more

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