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vip-gold-member1Welcome to your Be Dog Savvy VIP Gold Membership.

I guess your main priority is to housebreak you dog so we have put all the resources you need to do this right here on your Login page. You will see this page every time you login and it serves as an excellent platform from which to get the best from your VIP membership and your dog.

Be Dog Savvy VIP GOLD MEMBERSHIP Dashboard
Training Care Research

Basic Dog Training
Get the basics right and the rest will follow. Learn the Do’s and Don’t of dog training together with great tips form the experts.

Check Lists
Dog House Training and Routine Planner, Choosing a Breeder, Buying A Puppy, Dog Travel, New Dog Care & Basic Equipment, Find A Lost Dog, Dog Adoption. More to come.

Dog Breed Index
Everything you wanted to know about your dog breed.
Obedience Training
Basic and advanced methods. teach your dog to Sit, Stay, Down, Wait, Walk to Heal, Come and more.
Care & Health
Advice and information about the care and health of your dog.

Choosing A Dog
What you need to know to choose the perfect dog for you and your family.

Dog Problems Solved!
Stop your dog from biting, excessive barking, jumping up, stealing food and other items, pulling on a leash, aggressive behavior and more.

Dog Care
Basic dog care routines and tips.

Choosing A Breeder
Make sure you choose the right breeder to provide your pet.

Dog Behavior
Understanding your dog’s behavior is the key to training success and a great relationship with your pet.

Puppy Care
Specific care for your puppy.

Rescue can be a great option but it’s not for everyone.

House Training
Housebreaking made easy, step by step.
Dog Grooming
Learn how to groom you dog; how, tools, tips, etc
Crate Training
Discover the many benefits of crate training your dog.
Dog Products
Which product are essential and which are not? Plus dog products reviewed.

Dog Agility
Learn how it can help you and your dog with fitness and training.

Dog Tricks
Want to know how to teach dog tricks, such as Roll Over, Play Dead, Give Paw, Spin, Count, and so on?

1-On-1 Email Advice

If you require specific advice about your dog just login to our customer support centre and ask your question. One of our experts will respond, normally within 24 hrs, Mon to Fri.

Currently you will need to register separately for 1-On-1 support the first time your visit using the Login/Register box on the left of the support page.

housebreaking1011How housebreak your dog…

1. Make sure you have downloaded and read your “Housebreaking 101” Special Report. This is you most important tool in your quest to housebreaking your dog. To go back to the “Housebreaking 101” download page Click Here.

2. Next make sure you watch the videos below which illustrate the “Yelp” technique perfectly. The articles will give you yet more ideas and background into why you puppy it biting and nipping and what to do about it.

3. Finally if you would like to receive 1-On-1 email advice about you puppy please login to our Customer Support Center.

Be Dog Savvy VIP GOLD MEMBERSHIP Housebreaking Resources


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1. House Training Your Dog
2. Dog House Training: The Dos And Don’ts
3. Your Role In Housebreaking A Dog
4. Dog House Training And The Importance Of Routine
5. 4 Essential Tools For Dog House Training
6. 6 Puppy House Training Secrets
7. House Training A Rescue Dog
8. Puppy House Training And Crate Training
9. Housebreaking A Dog In Relation To The Breed

One-On-One Email Advice

If you are still struggling with your house training your dog then get some 1-On-1 advice.