Obedience Training

Walking A Dog To Heel

Walking a dog to heel is advanced training that results in a dog everyone wants to... 

Recall Training – Teach Your Dog To Come Every Time You Call

Recall training is a about giving acommand to a dog so he will come to you when you... 

More Advanced Obedience Training

Teaching your dog basic obedience is the perfect beginning to his education, but... 

Successful Dog Obedience Training

Dog obedience training is a necessary part of a dog’s development.  They need... 

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Dog Problems Solved!

Video: How To Stop Puppy Biting

Simon the Labrador Retriver illustrates how the barking (Yelp!) technique will stop... 

Video: How To Stop Puppy Biting Using The “Yelp!” Technique

This video show you how to stop puppy biting using a very effective technique called... 

Understanding Why You Should Stop Puppy Biting

If you have ever owned a puppy before then you will know that biting and mouthing... 

Stop Puppy Biting: Understanding Why Puppies Bite

There are certain elements of behaviour that you need to teach your puppy as soon... 

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Check Lists

Dog Travel Checklist

If you plan on traveling with your dog, you need to make sure that you have everything he requires to ensure he has a fun and safe trip. Research your destination – Make sure the place where you will be traveling is dog friendly.   This means: You need to ensure the accommodations you’ve selected will permit your pet. Find out if there are any... [Read more...]

New Dog Care & Basic Equipment Checklist

If you will be welcoming a new dog into your home, the following is the checklist you want to follow to help ensure everything gets off to a great start! Basic Equipment Collar – Adjustable sturdy nylon or leather collar. It shouldn’t slip off your dog’s head. As a rule of thumb you should only be able to place two fingers under comfortably. Leash... [Read more...]

Find A Lost Dog Checklist

If at any time your dog should runaway or go missing, you need to immediately begin searching for him using this checklist as your guide. Search your neighborhood first.  Walk slowly and meticulously and observe your surroundings, this includes under houses, backyards, any open garages, bushes, etc.  Call your dog by name.  Do this search at different... [Read more...]

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