Walking A Dog To Heel

dog walkingWalking a dog to heel is advanced training that results in a dog everyone wants to walk, greet and admire.  Having control over your pooch while you are out and about makes your experience enjoyable, un-stressful and what you want it to be.  It takes patience, practice and constant coaching for your pet to comprehend and obey this obedience command, so take your time and stay positive.  Here we go!

Step 1 – In order to teach walking to heel you require a means of control over your animal.  Your companion must respect your leadership because this technique takes focus and it is essential that you Read more

Recall Training – Teach Your Dog To Come Every Time You Call

Recall training is a about giving acommand to a dog so he will come to you when you call him.  It is advanced training that your pet should learn.  Here are the steps you need to take to effectively teach him this skill:

Step 1
– Take your dog’s favorite small food – and a clicker device if you use this training technique – into a quiet room with few distractions.  You’ll want to make sure that the space you choose is large enough so that you can take several steps away Read more

More Advanced Obedience Training

Teaching your dog basic obedience is the perfect beginning to his education, but more advanced obedience training is required to improve his skills and so you can do more with him.    After all, a dog that is extremely well behaved, and can be trusted to obey on command, is a welcome member of your community and can be taken just about anywhere, even without a leash.

However, you might be wondering, what more advanced obedience training should you teach your pooch and how far should you take his learning?  Read more

Successful Dog Obedience Training

Dog obedience training is a necessary part of a dog’s development.  They need to be taught certain commands to encourage good and healthy behavior, as well as to keep them safe and for the safety of other people and pets that associate with them.  Moreover, the act of teaching your companion provides you with a bonding experience and enables you to strengthen your control over your animal.

Sit, Come, Down, Stay, Wait, Heel, Stand and Off, are just some of the basic instructions that are part of dog obedience training.  Each of these commands has their own purpose and will prove useful at some point in the various situations that you experience Read more

Teach Your Dog To Wait

Does your pet try to rush out the door or jump all over you while you attempt to put his food dish down, if so you can teach your dog to wait to help control his overexcited behavior.   The Wait command is relatively simple for your pooch to learn and is a matter of patience and consistency on your part.  Here’s what you need to do: Read more

Teach Your Dog To Stay

Teach your dog to stay and you’ll have an easier time controlling your pet and keeping him safe.  Every year many canines are injured or killed from running out on to the road, you can help ensure that your pooch doesn’t become one of these unfortunate pups by teaching him this command.  In addition, when he stays when you tell him to, you can stop him from running away or charging people.  Read more

Teach Your Dog Down

beagle downWhen you feel it is time to teach your dog to down, you’ll be glad for it.  This is one of the most useful lessons you can give him.  A canine who lies down on command is one who is showing great respect for his owner.  It is also useful to help desensitize a dog’s fears and calm hyperactivity.   Moreover, a pooch in the “down” position poses less of a threat to strangers.

Here is a simple teach your dog to down technique Read more

Teach Your Dog To Sit

If you are interested in learning how to teach your dog to sit, you will find this is one of the easiest training commands and one of the simplest for your pooch to learn.  It is often a good idea to begin with the Sit obedience lesson first because you’ll find you will need it for other tricks and commands.

You can teach your dog to sit in a few simple steps Read more

Basic Dog Obedience Training

Basic dog obedience training needs to be taught to all dogs.  It doesn’t matter if they are large, medium, small, young, old, a purebred or a mutt.  All canines can benefit by learning obedience and so can you!  In fact, you will find that it is one of the best things you can do for your pet.

What does basic dog obedience training do for your animal?  It does many great things including:

  • Opens a line of communication between you and your pooch.
  • Provides him with mental stimulation. Read more