Stop Puppy Biting With Play Biting

If you want to stop puppy biting then you may actually choose from a variety of methods and techniques but the last technique you may think of using is encouraging play biting. Well, that is exactly what you may choose to do to teach your puppy that biting is not acceptable. This may sound strange to you but there is method behind the madness. In fact, many owners actually swear by it because practicing play biting can not only stop puppy biting but can also form a basis for interaction between you and your puppy.

You can stop puppy biting by Read more

The Golden Rule To Stop Puppy Biting

If you are the owner of a cute and sweet puppy and have had him or her for a few weeks then you will probably be well aware that the sweet looks and overall cuteness soon disappear when your puppy begins to play. This is of course because he or she will bite without having any idea of how to regulate the bite pressure. Well, it is essential to stop puppy biting sooner rather than later because it can cause severe problems when your dog heads into adulthood.

There is one golden rule to adhere to when you attempt to stop puppy biting – always make sure that you Read more

Establishing Dominance To Stop Puppy Biting

It is normal for every puppy to bite for a variety of reasons, some of which are more worrying than others. However, no reason for biting is more important than biting to establish dominance. Many puppies do bite to establish dominance and so it is essential to stop puppy biting sooner rather than later. If your puppy is allowed to establish dominance over you then this could lead to severe behavioural problems as he or she embarks on adulthood.

It is important to stop puppy biting and establish dominance over your puppy as soon as possible. You can do this by making yourself the dominant force Read more

Using Socialization To Help Stop Puppy Biting

Socialization is an important feature in any young puppy’s life because it is essential for open-minded young dogs to understand that other dogs do not pose a threat. It also enables them to learn how to play properly without causing harm to other dogs and people alike. It can help to reinforce the message that you have been teaching to stop puppy biting, especially if done within a confined and controlled environment.

To many people, socializing a dog takes place in the local park or on a familiar walk route but if you want to effectively stop puppy biting then it should be introduced in a controlled environment with qualified trainers and experienced dog owners on hand to help keep the atmosphere light and prevent any flash points that may occur. By ensuring that your puppy is well supervised, you can also learn to Read more

Using Toys To Stop Puppy Biting

puppy toysMany owners that have recently begun to train a puppy and have read up on what to do and what not to do may be forgiven for thinking that it is necessary to stop puppy biting completely. After all, there is so much conflicting advice out there that it is difficult not to believe that to stop puppy biting completely is the only way to Read more

7 Great Puppy Training Tips

leashDogs need an early education for proper development, so you might find puppy training tips useful in your endeavor to raise a dog that is happy, healthy, obedient and friendly.  This is especially true if you are a first time owner.

What you need to understand is that teaching a pup is not difficult, cruel or a waste of your time.  Just like children, what they learn in the beginning stages in their life influences the overall personality that they will exhibit when they are fully grown.  Therefore, following the right puppy training tips can make a positive impact on how you approach training and how well it is accepted by your pet. Read more

Stop Puppy Biting

playbiteYou’ll want to stop puppy biting as soon as it starts to prevent your dog from thinking this type of behavior is acceptable.  It is natural for puppies to freely and frequently use their mouths on anything and everyone they come in contact with.  This is because it is through their taste and their teeth they learn and experience.  Biting is also how they communicate, play and test their fellow litter mates.  However, even if this is part of their instincts, that doesn’t mean you should allow it.

You can stop puppy biting by putting one or more of the following techniques into practice.

Yelp – As soon as your puppy’s teeth come in contact with your skin give a sharp, high-pitched cry of pain and quickly snatch your hand away.  Read more

Providing Basic Puppy Care

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It is not difficult to provide your pooch with basic puppy care.  This is because all that is required are the necessities a dog needs in order to be happy and healthy, so he can develop into an obedient, devoted and loving companion.  In fact, you’ll probably find that most of it is simply a matter of common sense.

The following are basic puppy care essentials in no particular order:

Feeding schedule – Once you know what type of diet you’ll be supplying your pup (usually it’s the same food the breeder used or recommended), determine how many times a day Read more

Find A Lost Dog Checklist

If at any time your dog should runaway or go missing, you need to immediately begin searching for him using this checklist as your guide.

  • Search your neighborhood first.  Walk slowly and meticulously and observe your surroundings, this includes under houses, backyards, any open garages, bushes, etc.  Call your dog by name.  Do this search at different points throughout the day, especially the early morning, early afternoon or late evening when it is quiet and your dog has a better chance of hearing you.