At a glance
beagle2The Beagle is a medium-sized scent hound originally meant for hunting. Modifications of the breed occurred for hundreds of years but the Beagle we know today originated from early 19th century England.  Perhaps the most commonly recognized Beagle is Snoopy, the “world’s most famous beagle” from the Peanuts comic strip.

While this dog happens to be a highly popular family pet, one of his greatest weaknesses is not being able to resist the temptation to track scents. Homeowners should plan to maintain a secure and escape-proof yard to ensure their Beagle doesn’t break free to hunt down whatever smells entice him.


  • Names – Beagle, English Beagle
  • Group – AKC: Hound Group; KC: Hounds
  • Size – medium
  • Life expectancy – 9 – 15 years (Beagles live an average of 12 years)
  • Cost of ownership – medium
  • Ease of ownership – medium
  • Aggressive tendency – low
  • Amount of Exercise – medium
  • Amount of Grooming – low
  • Ease of Training – low
  • Obedience level – medium
  • Suitable for Children – high
  • Amount of Care Required – low
  • Susceptibility to Health Problems – medium

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