Dog Health Care – Why Regular Grooming Is Vital

dog bathThere is more to dog health care than regularly taking your pet to see their veterinarian.  Though this is a key component it isn’t the only aspect that contributes to the health and wellbeing of an animal.  The other essential element is grooming.  Understand, this doesn’t mean that one is more important than the other, just that both require your attention equally to ensure your dog’s healthiness.

The following information is what you need to know about grooming in terms of dog health care:

Coat brushing/combing – Though different breeds have diverse coats that may require daily or weekly brushings, it is imperative they are groomed as often as needed.  Why? Read more

Dog Travel Checklist

If you plan on traveling with your dog, you need to make sure that you have everything he requires to ensure he has a fun and safe trip.

  • Research your destination – Make sure the place where you will be traveling is dog friendly.   This means:
    • You need to ensure the accommodations you’ve selected will permit your pet.
    • Find out if there are any threats in the area your pooch Read more

New Dog Care & Basic Equipment Checklist

If you will be welcoming a new dog into your home, the following is the checklist you want to follow to help ensure everything gets off to a great start!

Basic Equipmentdog collar

  • Collar – Adjustable sturdy nylon or leather collar. It shouldn’t slip off your dog’s head. As a rule of thumb you should only be able to place two fingers under comfortably.
  • Leash – Sturdy nylon or leather lead.
  • I.D. tag – It should include your dog’s name, your address and phone number. Your dog should always wear this on this collar in case he ever becomes lost.
  • Dog License – Most cities require that you Read more