The Importance Of Basic Dog Commands

dog trainingBasic dog commands are essential to every canine’s education.  Even if they learn nothing else, fundamental obedience is required to give you control, provide them with direction and to teach them that you are the pack leader.  A canine that lacks this type of training can develop serious behavioural problems, such as possessiveness of objects, food and people and aggression.  An untrained pet will not listen to you and can cause serious problems within your home and in public.

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Basic Dog Training – The 3 Vital Elements

Basic dog training is not difficult to implement and is something that you need to begin teaching your pooch as soon as you welcome him into your home.   However, the fundamentals of instructing your pet is more than just having him learn a few choice commands.  It’s a matter of obedience and making him understand and follow your rules.

The following three elements make up basic dog training:

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